In our Project we designed vignettes which describe situations in the context of a teaching that aims at research-based learning. The situation described challenges teachers and may require them to act directly. The aim of the vignette is to allow the reader to think about what they might be doing in such a situation or how they could prevent it. But they may also consider the situation to be problem-free and actually beneficial to learning. Either way readers can preventively familiarize themselves with possible challenges and reflect upon their own evaluations and impulses for action.

The situations described are taken from interview data with coordinators of research-based learning projects and have been sharpened for the purpose mentioned above. The most common challenges in teaching courses to promote research-based learning have been selected and converted into vignettes.

Here they are shown assigned to the research cycle:

1. Stimulus

3. Theoretical Acces

4. Choice of Methods

7. Presentation

8. Reflexion

All vignettes in one document.